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  • juicepack iphone case

    juicepack iphone case

    Charge and connect your apple iphone 4 / 4S on-the-go using the Cord-On-Board™ iPhone Case by CaseInity. Our unique design secures a USB charge and sync cord within the iPhone case, to alleviate both bulk and hassle of carrying around an ordinary cord.


    Cord-On-Board™ is ergonomically shaped and contours to your grip. This provides the ultimate comfort and support by relieving any strain inside your hand when holding the telephone. In addition, our cases act as a stand for your phone. By laying the situation horizontally, the ingenious design provides a foundation for easy viewing. Cord-On-Board™ presents the full protection and luxury of a silicone case, while providing limitless charging and connectability.

    juicepack iphone case

    Cord - Easy snap-out customized cord attachment for easy charge

    Each Cord-On-Board iPhone 4/4S Case by CaseInity case has a custom 9.5 inch USB Cord that is EMI certified and lets you both charge your phone and transfer data. The ends of the cord snap securely in to the allotted spaces within the case, and also the cord itself easily folds into the deepened channel. It takes only a couple of seconds to get your USB cord in and out of your Cord-On-Board Case.[/two_third_last]

    Shockproof - Highly Durable Construction

    The Cord-On-Board iPhone 4/4S Case by CaseInity is made of shock-resistant thermoplastic material to safeguard your phone from slips, drops, and all another shocks your hard-working iPhone faces every day.

    iphone 5

    Self-Standing - Stands on its side for horizontal & vertical viewing

    The Cord-On-Board iPhone 4/4S Case by CaseInity is precision engineered to allow your iPhone stand on its very own, both vertically and horizontally. You’ll have convenient hands-free viewing everywhere you go.

    Ergonomic - Design which contours to the users hand

    The Cord-On-Board iPhone 4/4S Case by CaseInity is ergonomically designed to relieve the strain of repeated motion. Its curved edges are precision engineered to ensure even palm-weight distribution and conformity for your hand. Therefore reduces muscle fatigue and insures that your hand will never get fed up with holding your phone again. The case even allows you to hold your iPhone snugly between your head and shoulder for simple hands-free iPhone chatting. Cord-On-Board Case by CaseInity provides you with a more comfortable iPhone experience all day long, every day.

    Added by Bella & Torres on Sun, Jul 8th 2012